Safety and Recycling

Only one layer stowage

Only one layer stowage

20' ISO Container
Two layer stowage allowed
Storage facility
Not more than two layer stacking

Forklift truck
Transport of single
While using CP8 pallets:

Move the forks straight into the pallet

Do not use hand or electric pallet trucks to avoid damaging the centre bottom valve

Security advice

Because of the sensitivity of woven polypropylene fabric to UV light the INDUTAINER IBC should be protected from sunlight. Also, the IBC should be protected from rain to prevent water from collecting on top of the INDUTAINER IBC.

Single or Multi Trip

The Single Trip INDUTAINER IBC with a Safety Factor (SF) of 5:1 is designed and intended to be used for one filling only. The Multi Trip INDUTAINER IBC with a Safety Factor (SF) of 6:1 is designed and intended for a limited number of filling and discharge cycles. According to ISO 21898:2004, an IBC of this category must not be reused if damaged. A repair is not allowed. The replacement of a removable inner liner is however permitted.

Quality, Service and Innovation

The INDUTAINER IBC is produced within the EU by a contractual partner who is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. We are continuously aiming at improving the quality and design of our products. It is our ambition to develop the best solutions for our customers.


After using the INDUTAINER IBCs, they can be disposed via the company for recycling industrial and commercial plastic packaging (RIGK).

Energy recycling:

The INDUTAINER IBC is made of polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and polyurethane (PU). These materials are highly valued organic fuel and are excellent materials for energy recovery. The fuel value for example of mineral coal is with 24-27 MJ/kg lower than the fuel value of PU (25-32 MJ/kg). The fuel value of PP and PE is much higher at 43 MJ/kg.

Environment protection

With a capacity of up to 1000 liters the INDUTAINER IBC is a lightweight and environmentally friendly packaging. The INDUTAINER IBC is due to its lay-flat design within the delivery and the return delivery very efficient in logistics and storage . Due to its light weight freight costs and carbon dioxide emissions are significantly reduced.