IBCs of a unique design


10 empty INDUTAINER IBCs on a single pallet

Assembled INDUTAINER IBC ready for filling

Unique Features

  • combines the advantages of RIBC and FIBC
  • demands little space when empty and tare (8 kg) is low
  • easy assembly by one person in less than 90 seconds

The INDUTAINER IBC is a collapsible IBC system which combines the advantages of the Rigid Intermediate Bulk Container (RIBC) with the advantages of the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC).

The INDUTAINER IBC is especially designed for transport and storage of middle to high viscosity liquids and sedimenting slurry. The solid side walls, a sandwich construction of two layers of coated fabric with interposed foamed polyurethane, provide the necessary stability for holding liquids.

The base spout allows emptying through the centred square opening of a CP 8 pallet. When handling high viscosity liquids, drainage is improved by a simple discharge frame; the flexible base becomes cone-shaped and facilitates complete emptying.

Low acquisition costs, little space for storage and transport when empty, quick assembly, moisture resistance, discharge spouts or discharge valves for low to high viscosity liquids, and excellent drainage without any residues are the great advantages of the INDUTAINER IBC.

The combination of rigid foldable side walls with a flexible textile top and a flexible textile base offers significant advantages compared to alternative containers for transport and storage.