Filling and Emptying

The 5 inch slide valve invented

  • unhindered drainage
  • partial discharge possible
  • measuring the pruduct stream
  • low-rise valve, 38mm
  • re-usable

for pasty and liquid products

for granulate and powders

  • partial discharge of FIBCs (Big Bags)
  • measured discharche direktly from the FIBCs (Big Bags)
  • measuring the pruduct stream
  • dustfree discharge by connecting the FIBC directly to a tube
  • camlock adapter available for 2, 3 and 4 inch
  • partial discharged of FIBCs can be stored again
  • reusable
  • on request, slide valve food regulatory uncritical.
  • low-rise valve, 38mm
  • low investments necessary for a FIBC draining station.
  • existing draining stations very often can be used