Filling and Emptying

Inliner with Screwcap and Discharge Valve

Filling the inliner works via a screw cap, the discharge via the corner valve.

The INDUTAINER IBC is the secondary packaging. The inliner is the primary packaging and will containt the product.

Unique Features

  • Inliner fastend factory assemdled
  • Filling is possible without entrapped air
  • Filling is possible from the top or via the corner valve
  • Fits existing filling devices

The inliner will be fastened factory made and attached to one INDUTAINER side.

A variety of discharge valves is available.

Closed inliner after filling. Afterwards the fabric filling spout will be closed.

A large variety of screw caps and valves used as filling- and discharge opening are available.

  • Inliner produced as a pillow liner, the folding fits perfectly to the INDUTAINER handling.
  • Multilayer inliner matches the filling material.
  • Inliner will be fastened factory assembled and fixated at one INDUTAINER side.
  • No need for an additional handling of the inliner. This ensures a high level of process stability.
  • Inliner will unfold itself while being filled.
  • Filling is possible without entrapped air.
  • Inliner oneway / INDUTAINER IBC reusable.

Filling via Filling-Spout

Inliner four-slided glued

Easy filling via filling spot

Discharging via Bottom Spout

The 3 inch butterfly valve is suitable for low viscosity products. For high viscosity products the 5 inch slide valve or the base spot are preferred. The slide valve and the butterfly valve allow a partial discharge of the liquid product. INDUTAINER IBCs with a flat base are mostly used for sedimenting slurry.

Emptying is done by cross-cutting the base. The flat base design is also the right choice for products to be discharging by suction.

3 inch butterfly valve incl. adapter and camlock connection

5 inch slide valve unhindered drainage

Cone-Shaped Base Formed by using a Discharge Frame

Base prior to discharge

Base spout

Butterfly valve

Unique Features

  • Designed for a quick and complete emptying
  • Choice of multiple base valves
  • Fits existing discharge devices

Discharge Frame

Suspended discharge

Free-standing on a pallet

Free-standing in a discharge frame