Our mobile roadblock resists a 7.5 tons truck

In a crash test, the INDUTAINER resists a 7.5 tons truck with a speed of 31.1 miles/h within the first barrier.

Our mobile roadblock passes the DEKRA-test

The INDUTAINER IBC resists a vehicle with a speed of 34.2 miles/h in a crash test.

Discharging the INDUTAINER with the 3 inch butterfly valve

With the help of a forklift and a discharging frame, the INDUTAINER is easily discharged and folded.

Assembling the INDUTAINER

With a few small steps, the INDUTAINER can easily be installed and is then ready to be filled and closed.

Discharging via bottom spot (pasty products)

For high viscosity products, we prefer the 5 inch slide valve or the base spot.

Discharging via bottom spot (water)

For low viscosity products (e.g. water), the 3 inch butterfly valve is best suitable.